Wireless and printing

Want to know how to compare wireless network antennas to tell which is best?

The terminology used to describe wireless antennas can be confusing. What does it all mean anyway? Wireless networks connect us to the computer world very well with antennas helping tremendously to fix poor wireless connections. Unfortunately not all antennas are born equal.

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How to access your work network remotely from coffee shops’ wireless networks.

Wireless networks are everywhere and provide an internet connection readily and easily. Why not use the same technology to connect to your work network, or your home PC? Did you know that this is something usually very easy to do for most business networks? Work from the park across from McDonald’s with their wireless network gateway after you forward your work phone to your cell phone on the first warm spring day of the year!

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How to get a wireless network signal to go through a metal building with an antenna

Many of us struggle with how to get a wireless signal to get though a metal building. Of all the places that wireless works a metal building is among the worst. Learn what you can do if you’re either the person who gets to make sure people can use it in the building, or to just get signal for yourself.

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Learn how to use an antenna extension to your adaptor to extend your wireless network reception area

Virtually all wireless adaptors can have an antenna connected as an extension. Learn what you need to pay attention to so you can improve you wireless network reception.

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How printing on wireless networks works.

Come here and read our quick description on how printing on wireless networks happens and the parts involved. There are several options for configuration. The simplest is simply to plug the printer’s USB cable into the mobile computer when you want a printout. Of course this defeats the whole point of being wireless and is no fun at all…

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How to get a printer to work on a home wireless network without wires.

If you ever wondered what the best way to connect your printer was on a wireless network then visit this page.

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802.11 g: Pro’s & Cons of a Wireless Network in a Business Environment

A wireless network can be very appealing because it’s less expensive to install than traditional cabling. However there are also plenty of drawbacks to mobile computing technology as well, especially relating to security. For example 802.11 x can connect a hacker completely off company property to the internal network! It is usually […]

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